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Thread: Test web applications and generate vuser scripts

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    Test web applications and generate vuser scripts

    How to test web applications using load runner. i am a beginer. Plz explain me how to generate vuser scripts?

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    Re: Test web applications and generate vuser scripts

    first tell me what do u know abt loadrunner and then we can find a common place to start teaching u.and let me know ur current job profile and do u have access to loadrunner software.

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    Re: Test web applications and generate vuser scripts

    B]Hello to all,[/B]
    LoadRunner is the automation tool to check the performence of the application. That is ..mainly it checks whether the application performence meets the customer expected or not ? First know about this and what it do :
    Remote command launcher : we use this option to conver one local request into remote request.
    Virtual User Generator : to create more virtual user request depends on a single real request , we can use this option.
    Port mapper :To submit all virtual user requests to single server port number , we use this option.
    Controller Scenario: It returns performance results during our request execution:

    First record the script in action part and dont forget to record in Vuser_inti()if ther is any pre requirement for particular action. and Create Vusers ( how many u need to test ) and add the rendezvous point and run the script and calculate the performence.

    I think this gives a idea about the process..

    thanks & regards,

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    Re: Test web applications and generate vuser scripts

    As you asked about this software testing tool's one of feature.

    May be following link 's pdf will solve your query.

    Go through it . IF u still face some problem . Revert back.

    I will give to proper tutorial for that.


    Nikhil rattan

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