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Thread: is Learning prog lang is really handy in getting job or not?

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    is Learning prog lang is really handy in getting job or not?

    hi guys, hope u are all fine.
    I wanna to put an interesting questions, for which i always got different answers, to u guys.
    Is learning programming languages like c,c++ and java is really handy in getting job or not.

    I have attended a lot of seminars. big HR from top comp will give their suggestions on how to prepare for being employes.

    One interesting thing that i have noted is there are two school of thoughts in their opinion regarding learning prog languages.

    Some people will say , the amount of money you invest in learning c,sap,java and etc is utterly waste. instead concent more on some technological papers like oops,data structure, dbms,os etc. Since u urselft don't know the platform in which u are going to settle, it's really waste of time and money in learning those stuffs.

    other school of thought is u need progra skill for getting a job. whenever i ask people who got thru some big comp, they will say that they are asking to write a program or some quest related to languages in the tech interview.

    I wonder how people are manage to get thru comp without knowing prog skills. but i have seen a plenty of people even from Info.Tec background, without knowing prog skill are able to get thru.

    No wonder,those people will have talent in other aspects.

    yes guys, this is my question to u all. please share ur opinion and experience and the way u succeeds, what works for u, do u think that the thing which worked for u will works for all other... and etc.

    let's see the variety of opinions from u all guys,
    Thanking u.

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    Re: is Learning prog lang is really handy in getting job or not?

    hi rakrak

    (See this is my personal view)

    I would like to answer ur question in two parts!

    First u asked whether to study programming languages like c,c++ etcc

    What i think is that u should study them.If u r not CS/IT student then c lang is enough.But if u are CS/IT student then these languages are part of ur syllabus! SO y not study them(these languages ) WELL!Ofcourse these languages are not completely different! each language has its own importance and they all are linked too.

    For eg c++ has some link with c(although c is not object oreinted)

    Java and c++ are both object based!
    What iam trying to say is that its better to know each languages concept.
    ( c,c++ and java)

    Now the sec part of my ans

    u asked how do many get into s/w companies withou good knowldge of programming

    See, every fresher has limited knowledge! he may b good in theory, but he lacks the experience! I read an article written by a programmer .He told that he had 2 yrs of programming exp in c++.He wrote a book too on c++.
    One student of his asked how INTERFACES( concept of java) are diff from Multiple inheritance of c++.
    He was not able to expalin the student to her satisfaction.

    Then when he started programming in java,then only he understood the concept of interfaces.
    if this is the case with an experienced guy,then u can simply understand the cond of fresher.

    So in any company's interview they check ur comm skills,basic concepts of lang, the subjects of ur course.

    i hop this answer satisfies ur query!



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