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Thread: Use case statement and Test Case

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    Use case statement and Test Case

    What are the Use case statement and when they are needed and how they are implementedand? How it differ fron test case statement?

    NOTE : [This question was asked by Gian]

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    Re: Use case statement and Test Case

    Use Cases (UC) are constructed after a detailed study of SRS. It is constructed by the testing team at the development site. It involves development team, business analysts, subject experts (basically client company staff) and of-course testing team.

    UC are more elaborative then functional and system specifications in SRS. UC are decreasing the conceptual gap between SRS and test cases for test engineers. UC provide a step by step procedure with required input and expected output.

    UC have the following format:

    UC Name, description, participating members of the team, related UC to understand dependent functionalities, preconditions of the functionality, primary scenario, alternative scenarios, post conditions, user interface samples, special requirements or rules to be followed to operate this functionality.
    UC can be used to write test cases. This technique is mostly followed in a test outsourcing companies. Here, the development company with few test engineers prepare UC and send them to the testing company based on which the test cases are written.

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    Re: Use case statement and Test Case

    Definition for Use case And Testcase?.

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    how to write test cases using Use cases Diagrams. Explain with example.

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    Re: Use case statement and Test Case

    Excellent definition by sutnarcha

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