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Thread: Good automated test case

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    Good automated test case

    What would you say is an indication of a "good automated test case"

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    U writing the automated test case atleast covered in more than one requirements, and at the same test scripts will used in futured test cases also.
    that name is Good automated test case.


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    Re: Good automated test case

    Characteristics of a good automated test case are:

    1) A test that will be tedious and time consuming if performed manually.

    2) A test that can be run without any complications in recognizing the system objects, giving the input and analyzing the result.

    3) A test that discovers an undiscovered bug (golden rule for any test case).

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    Re: Good automated test case

    good discussion

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    A good testcase is one that has the following characteristics:
    - Should be atomic and have a clear objective.
    - Provides good coverage.
    - Identifies the most number of defects.
    - Is well structured.
    - Is not ambigous in any way.
    - Can be linked-back to a specific requirement in the requirement document.

    In addition to these the characteristics of a good automated Testcase include but are not limited to the following:

    1. It should be easy to maintain.
    2. It should be properly structured.
    3. It should run with Minimum/No human intervention.
    4. The data for the testcase should not be part of the script.

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