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    Can anyone tell me the syllabus for CSTE?
    any link for study material?

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    Re: Cste

    CSTE sample questions:

    I came across some of the questions while I was
    going through old question papers .

    1)You gave the software for independent testers. You
    are responsible for Unit,Integration, System, Regression and
    Acceptance testing.
    Which testing can be given to Independent Testing
    and which for development team.

    2)Report which will be used for reporting
    uncorrected and corrected defects to the development team?

    3)Product standards for Test plan, Test script and
    Test Report.

    4)What would you consider a greater risk out of the
    following and explain why?
    a.Use of ineffective security practices
    b.Use of incorrect technology
    c.Incorrect Entry of data

    5)You developed Risk Plan, Test Plan, Test Scripts.
    You are doing testing. At this point you got major requirements
    change. What changes are required to in-corporate these changes
    in your plan.

    6) E-commerce project is newly developed in your
    organization. You are not able to test all types of Operating Systems
    and Browsers. Prepare mitigation plan.

    7) The UI for a defect management tool. Comment
    Is this same as UI of defect tracking tool.

    8) Which steps in a testing process are defect
    prone- explain why?

    9) What according to you are the important docs that
    u would refer when u r testing a change that has been made in a
    project that has been released.(i. e. operational)

    10) If the code to be delivered will be delivered
    after a week but no change in release date, how will you as test
    manager plan yr test. (a question that has appeared in lot of
    previous question papers. the phrasing is wrong here. but the same)

    11) Create a Test plan for a simple project not a
    complex project?

    12) Give MEASUREMENTS for Test Effectiveness and
    Test Efficiency?

    13) In a development project Test planning, resource
    allocation , test scripting is also completed. Testing is being
    executed. At this stage if there is a major change in requirement ,
    what will be the tester's role here(actions in response to the
    changes) .- The question is already asked in one of the previous
    year papers .

    14) There is a delay of 5 days in the development
    project. How will the tester handle the testing activities , without
    changing on resources , working time , .- The question is
    already asked in one of the previous year papers .

    15) You are the tester in the organization and
    organization thinks that the tester also introduce defects in the
    system, write the 5 such defects introduced by tester in the system.

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    Re: Cste

    can anyone provide me CSTE papers

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    Re: Cste

    i am too planning to write CSTE could any one help me out ............ please

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    Re: Cste

    Hi Everyone, could anyone tell me how to start preparing for CSTE.

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    Re: Cste

    could any one please let me know how to prepare for cste???

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    Re: Cste

    Hi all, you will be provided with cste hard\soft copies of the syllabus once you apply for the exam.the only thing you need to follow is through understnading of the concepts provided in CBOK and analyse,compare them with the process in your organisation........also u need immense practice of papers(previous) to clear CSTE.these were suggestions given by my seniors who cleared cste!!.....all the best pals.!!!

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