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Thread: Filling "Date Creation" field with the current day

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    Filling "Date Creation" field with the current day

    I would like to fill automatically the "Date Creation" field with the current day date, How to do it?

    Note: [This question was asked by Vince Gerd]

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    Re: Filling "Date Creation" field with the current day

    Hi, you can write the vb code in setup work flow.this can be found in the setup work flow select the defects module,then defects field can this wirte the following code:the code that iam giving updates the closing date field with the current date when status changed to can use this code with small modifications as per your requirement. Sub defects_bug_fieldchange(fieldname) on error resume next if fieldname="bg_status" then if bug_fields("bg_status").value ="closed" then bug_fields("bg_closing_date").value =date end if let me know if you are not able to get the current date. Thanks deepika.p

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