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Thread: Winrunner 8.0

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    Winrunner 8.0

    Hi all,
    I have a situation like iam using winrunner 8.0 while I am trying to record a screen which in the form of rows and columns( like data gird in .NET) tool is recording in obj_mouse_click ("GXWND", 91, 61, LEFT); i need to record in grid format. I tried to creat a virtual table but not working. This grid consists of check boxes in one column, so please help me in this acept. please se the attachment and help me soon.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Re: Winrunner 8.0

    check wether this grid supports ActiveX functions, for this open GUI Spy, learn grid properties,open ActiveX tab in GUI spy, if this tab shows functions/properties then you can try to use any of the properties available as per your need.

    Note : Make sure ActiveX support is enabled in WR. (check wrun.ini file)

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Winrunner 8.0

    hi frds,
    i want to know abt Function Generator in win runner? how can we use it? can anybody explain me with an example??

    thanks n regards,

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    Re: Winrunner 8.0

    hi friend

    winrunner generates tsl statement in a test script each time when you click a GUI object or type on the keyboard

    TSL includes built in functions

    TSL can be added in two ways:
    1. you can point to a gui object
    2.function can be selected from the list


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