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    what's the use of asm keyword in c++?

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    Re: query

    Here is the answer to your query as follows:

    The __asm keyword replaces C++ asm syntax. asm is reserved for compatibility with other C++ implementations, but not implemented. Use__asm.
    The __asm keyword invokes the inline assembler and can appear wherever a C or C++ statement is legal. It cannot appear by itself. It must be followed by an assembly instruction, a group of instructions enclosed in braces, or, at the very least, an empty pair of braces. The term "__asm block" here refers to any instruction or group of instructions, whether or not in braces.
    If used without braces, the __asm keyword means that the rest of the line is an assembly-language statement. If used with braces, it means that each line between the braces is an assembly-language statement. For compatibility with previous versions, _asm is a synonym for __asm.
    Since the __asm keyword is a statement separator, you can put assembly instructions on the same line.
    Example :
    __asm {
    mov al, 2
    mov dx, 0xD007
    out dx, al

    Unlike braces in C and C++, the braces enclosing an __asm block don't affect variable scope. You can also nest __asm blocks; nesting does not affect variable scope.

    Note : We use the inline assembler to embed assembly-language instructions directly in your C and C++ source programs without extra assembly and link steps. The inline assembler is built into the compiler, so you don't need a separate assembler such as the Microsoft Macro Assembler

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    Re: query

    asm keyword is used for the declaration of an inline assembly block.
    asm("movl %ebx, %eax"); /* moves the contents of ebx register to eax */
    __asm__("movb %ch, (%ebx)"); /* moves the byte from ch to the memory pointed by ebx */

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