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Thread: Silk Test - Query

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    Silk Test - Query


    We are using silk to automate out test requirements.

    I am giving a Scenario
    Lets say we have total 10 test cases. We have automated all the 10 test cases and gives log once it has completed all the 10 test cases.

    What we are thinking now to refine it more
    out of 10 test cases if the first 3 test cases or denfined priority test cases PASSES then it should execute the remaining 7 tets case else the whole execution should stopped. I hope there should be a way to do this. Please provide me the steps to do this. Appreciate your time for reading this and providing solutions.

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    Re: Silk Test - Query

    hmm.. Try to get the pass status of earlier testcases and then do appropriate..

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    Re: Silk Test - Query

    Well may be u need to store the Testcase result in a table... and from there may be extract the pass result for the testcaseID's which u priortize and enter the script accordingly. Basically u will have to play with TestcaseEnter(), TestScriptEnter(), TestcaseExit (), testcscriptExit () methods.

    For eg. Call the testcases from a TestPlan.
    Put the testcases which needs to be executed conditionally in a certain script file and modify the ScriptEnter accordingly.

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