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Thread: Rad excel vba for a hedge fund

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    Rad excel vba for a hedge fund

    I want to prepare for the interview and I am wondering what type of technical questions to expect in regards to application development.

    If anyone has any thoughts on what to review it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Rad excel vba for a hedge fund

    Looks like you are preparing for an interview for a freshers role in s/w development.

    Consider the following points:
    1) Be strong in SDLC theoritical concepts.
    2) Show and prove that you have implemented SDLC concepts in your academic projects.
    3) Show your expertise in atleast 1 phase of SDLC. It could be either Business Analysis, DB/Application/Frontend/System Design, Coding or Testing.
    4) Show high analytical skills.
    5) You should be able to understand all IT terminology and should be able to communicate at ease.

    All the best

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