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Thread: mbt experience

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    mbt experience

    Hey guys. I have recently attended tech mahindra off campus held in loyola college chennai. I like to share my experience with u guys.
    60 questions need to be answered in 65 minutes.
    No negative marks.
    Question is relatively easy.
    I cant remember the questions. Some of them are.
    A. )given a statement with some words are underlined. 5 options are given to replace that underlined words. Like this nearly 5 questions are asked.

    B. Choose the words that are most close to the given words.(synonyms) some of them i can remember are
    .. Perk
    .. Archive
    .. Quench

    c. A comprehension .
    A big passage of one page is given and 5 questions are asked at the end. It's really time consuming. Since some of the question requires u to read the entire passage.

    Ii verbal and nonverbal reasoning this section is easy guy.

    Some of the questions are, 4 to 5 problems from number sequence ex: 1 8 16 25 --- ans: 35 logical ven diagram.
    >>river,water,lake for this,
    4 ven diagrams are given .

    We need to choose the correct one.
    2 questions from this model.

    Series of diagram and asking us to choose the next one. (refer . Rs.aggarval verbal and nonverbal reasoning book)

    everything is easy.

    Some text are arranged in a tabular form(3*3,3*3,3*3 matrix form) with one word missed . We need to fill that .(time consuming)

    one question is like
    o o o
    o o o

    numbers are filled in this circle and one circle is empty.
    We need to fill that).

    Aptitude are really very very easy.
    Work problem(chain rule)

    1.a can do it x days. A and b in y days. How many days for b?

    2. A frog in a well of 40 feet started to climbs. For every hour it climb 7 ft. Slip 2 ft. How much time it take for climbing 40 feet.

    3. Problem on age. Two logical reasoning para and 5 questions from them.

    Some thing like people are going tour to different places. L,m,m,o,p,q,r,s,t

    if l goes q and m should be there.

    If r goes, s should not go.

    Q should not be in a tour something like this.

    10 conditions. Ques like.

    The possible combination to tour. ?

    If l comes, what's the minimum no of people in that tour. ?

    Another problem is: related to position:

    11 persons are there.

    P can be third or seventh
    if p is in third position, q should in 6 positon.
    If p is sevent, -- should be in -- position.

    I can't remember the questions correctly.
    The questions are easy.

    But only the time is constraint.

    No negative mark for us.

    We write exam on saturday 12.30 batch and they send the result via mail at
    Am selected in that and went to tech round on sunday.

    Tech.round is also easy.

    .introduce yourself
    . .about my final year project and family background

    .some questions from project.

    . Questions from mini project.

    . From my resume

    . . Asked me to write a program in c

    . >>>palindrome

    >>>swaping without using temp variable

    >>>binary tree

    >>> tree traversal(inorder, preorder,postorder).

    Cleared in technical round and went to hr.

    Initally they planned to conduct two hr round. For some of the guys two hr round was there. It already became 6.30 for us and they are in the mood of hurrying.

    So only one hr round for some candidates.

    Hr questions:

    > tell me about urself >

    about my project

    > family background

    > the interview that u have attended previously

    > questions from that and what happened in those interviews.

    > the technical skills that u known.

    One man came and called the panel. So he quitted the interview saying that ur results will be announced 2 to 3 weeks from now that's all guys.

    Am waiting for the result. If anyone got the result please let me know

    all the best

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    Question Re: mbt experience

    hello dear,

    i have given Techmahindra interview in NOv....i cleared all the rounds..they told they will be sending the offer letter within nov..but they havn't...have you got that??..

    please rply...

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    Re: mbt experience

    hi buddy,
    I have got the offer letter from tech mahindra. i have got selected and my posting is on feb 2 chennai. in fact we started a new group named for those who got selected in mbt.
    If any one got selected in mbt, please join in this group and send the information abot your posting location,date of joining and any info.

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