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Thread: difference between db2 & oracle

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    difference between db2 & oracle


    what the difference between DB2 and Oracle?
    what are fetures in DB2 not in Orcale viceversa.
    i am beginer to db2.

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    Re: difference between db2 & oracle

    db2 will give more security than oracle because it is a subsystem and it will embeded with in the technology which we r using

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    Re: difference between db2 & oracle

    Some differences are
    >DB2 is used generally at mainframe systems. Oracle is handy on distributed system.
    >Oracle directly supports a Java application server where you can deploy Java servlets while with DB2 you would need to employ a Java translator like Tomcat.
    >Oracle is Twice as Expensive as DB2

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    Re: difference between db2 & oracle

    Both databases are very stable and efficient, with wide support on Windows-based and Unix-based platforms.. with some minor differences..
    -DB2 requires more Memory
    -Oracle leads DB2 in transaction Benchmark testing
    -Oracle is Twice as Expensive as DB2

    * Minimum Hardware

    Oracle 9i 128 MB RAM Minimum, 140 MB Hard Drive space Min
    DB2 v8.1 256 MB RAM Minimum, 100 MB Hard Drive space Min

    * Benchmark Testing

    Oracle beat DB2 in TPC transaction benchmarks

    * Price

    Oracle $15,000 Standard Edition, $40,000 Enterprise Edition
    DB2 $ 7,500 Standard Edition, $25,000 Enterprise Edition

    * SQL Differences

    Oracle Function-based indexes, Domain indexes
    DB2 Block indexes, Dimension block indexes

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