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Thread: Testing template

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    Testing template

    what is difference between patch & build

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    Re: Testing template


    A patch is a small piece of software designed to update or fix problems with a computer programor its supporting data. This includes fixing bugs, replacing graphics and improving the usability or performance. Though meant to fix problems, poorly designed patches can sometimes introduce new problems

    Software Patch
    A software patch is code written for a specific customer to address local functionality issues not currently fixed with the latest Minor Software Upgrade.

    Hot patching
    Hot patching is a technology that allows patches to be applied without shutting down and restarting the system or the program. This addresses problems related to unavailability of service provided by the system or the program. A patch that can be applied in this way is called a hot patch.

    Software Build
    In the field of Computer software, the term software build refers either to the process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer, or the result of doing so. One of the most important steps of a software build is the compilation process where source code files are converted into executable files.

    While for simple programs the process consists of a single file being compiled, for complex software the source code may consist of many files and may be combined in different ways to produce many different versions.

    Hope this hepled you,

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    Re: Testing template

    Hi ,
    In short.Build is an complete new set of code/db having a specific period say 3 weeks in which testing has carried out. Patch is an addition to that buid wrt to some code changes or fix required.


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