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Thread: Inheriitance and Aggregation

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    Inheriitance and Aggregation

    What is the difference btn inheritance and aggregation when do u use one another?

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    Re: Inheriitance and Aggregation

    Inheritance is used for an IS-A relationship.
    Aggregation is used for a HAS-A relationship.

    Cars, Scooters are vehicles. (Inheritance)

    Car has a steering, wheel etc. (Aggregation)

    In Inheritance, a class inherits the properties of the base class.
    In Aggregation, a class uses the properties of some other class.


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    Re: Inheriitance and Aggregation

    Inheritance is the process where one object acquires the feature of another
    object. It depicts is-a relationship. Like car is-a vehicle.

    Aggregation deals with Has-a relationship. For example car has engine..
    here engine is an object which is a part of another object called car.


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