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Thread: Attachments shown empty

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    Attachments shown empty

    I am attaching screen shots taken in word document and sometimes it attaches as an empty file in QC.

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    it will be done when you opens the Document and you will attache it to the QC

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    Re: Attachments shown empty

    some times i am aslo facing the same issue.

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    Re: Attachments shown empty

    QC will attach empty files when there is no space at the server. You will have to contact the QC DB admin and ask to empty some space. That works most of the time. Sometimes, its the connectivity that prevents loading of the file.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Attachments shown empty

    The reason why it is shown as empty because the session would have timed out, when the session is timed out and if you try to open the attachment, the symbol will be shown as there is an attachment but when you click on it, it would be displayed as empty.

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