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Thread: Wt is beta testing

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    Unhappy Wt is beta testing

    Wt is beta testing

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    Re: Wt is beta testing

    Beta testing comes in between Alpha testing and UAT in testing life cycle.
    A version of a product is ready to be released ( coding and system testing done ) but the company wants users to take a feel of it and give suggestions / painful features / bugs.
    So the version will be released to limited audience outside the programming / system testing team. This gives a general feel of what users are looking for and also catch any bug that might have escaped in system testing.

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    Re: Wt is beta testing

    Beta testing done by the enduser in client side. i.e yahoo beta version we(customers) are only useing theat site if you found any issue then you can send its called beta testing.

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    Re: Wt is beta testing

    Beta testing is nothing but first use of software by open users. Beta softwares are generally free. Company release the software to selected users or to open users(In case of websites etc.), users use them for free and can report bugs if any.

    Gmail is also in it's beta release, is also in beta. So, it's nothing but pre final release in which performance/response is counted in user environment.

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    Re: Wt is beta testing

    Can you detailed about alpha Testing? and when we have to do the alpha Testing.

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    Senthil Kumar Venu

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    Re: Wt is beta testing

    Alpha Testing:
    If the testers and real customers combinedly test the software in development site then it is called Alpha testing.
    If the software is product then Beta testing will be done.

    Beta Testing:
    If the testers and model customers combinedly test the software in customer site,then it is called Beta testing.

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    Bhaskar Kumar

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