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  1. Re: Integrating IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

    I understand that I am reply to a old question. But it would be helpful for future.
    QC/ Test Director support batch file execution or execution of command line.
    RFT has a command line interface. ...
  2. Answers

    Re: IBM Rational Robot Online Certification

    100 USD is the right one (as Prometic says).

    I DOUBT if you can take only Rational Robot Certification.
    You have to take both Rational Robot and Rational Test Manager together.
    Fee remains...
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    Re: IBM Rational Robot Online Certification

    Some new updates : test manager is discontinued ... New tool in rational family replacing test manager -> rational quality manager (jazz based, web interface test management solution) rational robot...
  4. Re: Get Contents and Counting Items in a List Box

    sure !!!! hey, i will reply EOD
  5. Re: Rational Robot or Rational Test Manager crashes while running test

    you welcome buddy. you seem to be big bull in this forum like Expert of the month and all !!!! cool
  6. Re: Get Contents and Counting Items in a List Box

    is this urgent ? I have thought of replying those thread once a week? let em know if this is urgent !!!!
  7. Re: what is the difference between Wait time and Think time?

    because the application some time is dependent on the think time typically web .

    it also help getting the different response time ..
  8. Thread: Rational Robot

    by besober

    Re: Rational Robot

    using VU recording and Test Manager by deploying various Test Manager agents
  9. Re: Can I recreate Test Datastore in Rational Robot

    quick answer "No"

    but there has to be some work around .. need to check
  10. Re: Actual use of Test Manager in Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

    Rrequest to admin : please open anew forum for RFT ..

    RFT is a stand alone product on eclipse
    you can manage your test cases from Test Manager and implement those test cases with RFT test...
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    Re: Licence in Rational Robot

    when you install the License Key administrator also gets installed, this is the place where you import your floating/parmanent license but locally
    you can download the License server 7.0 and...
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    Re: how to capture properties of an object

    use a property verification point ..
    read the help file for a change
  13. Answers

    Re: How to record for Java Application

    here is the link for you / docs/books/tutorial/getStarted/cupojava/win32.html

    use the same command to invoke your application under "startApp" ,
    this will invoke the application...
  14. Re: Rational Robot Best Practices, Best Results and Report

    thats like you are asking for a History lesson. try learning yourself from google and ibm web site ..

    though there are framework available for Robot deployment but I believe these are business...
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    Re: Can we automate flex

    robot does not support flash file so the direct answer is No

    if you are doing GUI recording and not getting into the flash file to take any VP or other operation then I dont find any problem
  16. Re: Record GUI Script and Record Session icons are always disabled

    you have to start recording , give the script name and then open the application (not mandatory) and start recording, once the recording done it will generate the script ...
    once the recording i...
  17. Re: Get Contents and Counting Items in a List Box

    To retrieve a property value in string form, use SQAGetPropertyAsString.

    call SQAGetPropertyArraySize to get the size of the array , which gives you the number of items

    SQAGetProperty and...
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    Re: webapplication testing

    question for you ? what is your expected out come from the test ?
    Is that response time keeping performance in mind or GUI testing

    if GUI : then install robot and start recording GUI script...
  19. Re: Rational Robot or Rational Test Manager crashes while running test

    That was a very incoherent answer ..

    Couple of this before running the suite
    question for you : is that a GUI script or VU script for Robot ?

    - check whether your robot script can execute...
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