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    Re: Excel File instead of .TSR

    hey thanks for your help.
  2. Re: QTP application is getting closed after initial screen

    You need to reinstall the QTP.during the installation some files were missed that's why it was getting error.
    After reinstallation if the you face the same error then you need to reinstall the OS...
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    Re: testing Framework

    Testing framework is nothing but it one type of folder management. I am giving an example.Currently i am working on a qTP project.In this project i have to insert some data (input data) in a...
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    Excel File instead of .TSR

    Is there any option in QTP that to identify an object we dont need object repository means .TSR file Instead of using .TSR file Can we use an Excel sheet where all the object properties can be kept?
  5. Re: Can anyone suggest me what will be my resume

    I have decided that I want to improve my strength on QTP and as well as automation.For that one what i need to do.
  6. Can anyone suggest me what will be my resume

    First of all i would like to give a thanks to for providing us the all kind of technical help. I have a nearly two years of experience in software. In this two years i have worked...
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