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  1. Re: Which language is better to script in Load Runner?

    Does the latest LoadRunner 9.5 support all three language?

    1) C
    2) Java
    3) VBscript
  2. Re: How to test java project in QTP without java addin

    I have nerver been sure of these kind of stuffs. Whille was working with qtp I just included all add-in my qtp (9.0) provided. I used qtp to test both web application and .Net application. I knew...
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    Re: Database Checkpoint dynamic query

    Take the below function and modify for your need (shame on me that I never tried to use database checkpoint). The below function was designed for dynamically used:

    1) make connection to database...
  4. Re: I want to check selected and not selected radio button

    Hi there,

    You have manipulate your test logic. below is example of how to select radio button - there are two radbut (1) Checking and (2) Saving

    for i = 1 to 2
    if i = 1 then
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    Re: QTP Scripts in S Drive

    Hi there,

    I am assuming that you have had connection setup beteen QTP and QC.

    When you attempt to save a script, qtp would display a dialog window which lists folder(s) tree in QC. You can...
  6. Re: Procedure to automate web application to QTP

    Hi there,

    It is different from learning qtp by record and actual implement real qtp test. For real qtp test script within an organization, some thing below should be considered:

    1) Analyze...
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    Re: Retrieve data from webpage

    In most web page, texts and/or information are listed in webtable - row & col. Therefore, the effective way is to loop through the table and get the text.


    1) get your datable rowcount...
  8. Re: QTP script is not working on other's machine..

    I have seen (in the past) this type of issue. below is scennario and the cause of the issue. However, your may not the same.

    I came on a new project. there were some (bad judgement) existing...
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    Re: QTP Certification


    Reading all documents will get certification?
  10. Answers

    Re: QTP Certification

    What do you mean by "clear the exam"?

    If I want to have QTP certification, how can I have it without spend thousands dollar for few days class?
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    Re: QTP Certification

    Hi Dep,

    I am confused with your response. Could you explain? I have been using QTP for sometimes and would like to be certified, if It does't cost me much.

  12. Re: Loadrunner controler cannto create user

    Thank for quick response.

    How do I do I?
  13. Loadrunner controler cannto create user

    I am new to LR. Please provide solution quickly.

    I am following unstructions in (LR 9.5) Quick Start. I cannot run senario.

    Please see attached screen shot and provide me guidance.

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    Re: Counting objects in a web table

    See below. they may be helpful.

    ' Get row count from a webtable
    msgbox Browser("Google").Page("Google").WebTable("Advanced Search").RowCount
    ' Get column count from a webtable of a row...
  15. Re: How to test java project in QTP without java addin

    IMO, it depends on version of your QTP.

    There are two applications (.net and java) where I am working. I got mine upgraded from 8.2 to 9.0. With this version (9.0) I use all adds-in.

    I also...
  16. Answers

    Re: Test the code of the Dot Net and Java

    Are you testing "Functional" or "Code"? Got confused.

    if it is the "Code" QTP is not for your use. You can use Junit for java application.
  17. Re: Everything identified as Internet Explorer_Server

    I think I faced this (may be) behavior few times. What I did was rebooted my box then everything came back normal.

    Could you share your finding on this?
  18. Re: Can you merge 2 object repositories in QTP

    I have some scripts which created on QTP 8.2 using a OR "82OR". Just got QTP updgraded and created new script which added few more objects but these objects are local to the new script.

    How do I...
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    Re: User defined function in QTP library

    prasanna.sabat ,

    If I have a function "test" in a file which saved as myfunctiontest.vbs and loaded to test|Setting|Resource, How do I call the function?
  20. Re: Select radiobutton thro' datatable input

    I think the below is missing a word "value".

    Browser("micClass:=Browser").Page("micClass:=Page").WebRadioGroup("name:=servClass").Select DataTable("FlightClass",dtGlobalSheet)

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    Re: Retrieve the data from database

    Naweb and all, need help for the below code - got them somewhere on this site and modified for specific need... However, it has not been tested bucuase still have questions. Please focuss within the...
  22. how to return value from a function in QTP?

    below is giving error: Please correct them

    msgbox getSomething()

    A return type must be declared?

    Function getFlatRate()
    s = ...
  23. Does QTP has a way to decrypt password?

    I was looking for the built-in function to decrypt password but could not find one.

    Does QTP has a way to decrypt password? or away to do that?
  24. Re: How to check text/value during run-time?


    Appreciate your advice. never tried the raise question without attempting to do it. However, still get stuck.

    You can ignore the posted question if you don't like\want or know and let...
  25. Re: How to check text/value during run-time?

    I tried the given code and they didn't work. I also verify that the object is WebElement. Therefore, I could not try webedit. below is my code, please point out the error.

    rate = ...
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