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  1. Oracle Apps Re: Validations for OM or AR or INV or PO modules

    hai ,
    after booking the SO,picking,shipconfirm,and run the workflow background,,which will generate 5 reports ,and after that u interface the transaction that transfers the details into AR where u...
  2. Oracle Apps Re: To define Customer and Supplier globally or individually

    hai ,
    as u know the header information for the customers and suppliers is shared by all the operting units,u need to setup separate sites under those operating units.that resolves the global...
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    Oracle Apps Re: Drop shipment

    hai ,
    drop shipment is the scenario which is practical,
    let us take an example,
    for a customer 'a' with shipto location 'b'.
    we got a sales order for 100 items from 'a',instead we have 50...
  4. Thread: Multi org

    by manojmarada

    Oracle Apps Re: Multi org

    hai ,
    whenever the case arises with multiple currenecis or multiple calenders the Multi org come into picture,
    even if u have 30 group of companies with same currency and same calender it's better...
  5. Oracle Apps Re: Where to define the sales order line types

    if u select the order type as 'mixed' thenu can perform both std and return order lines,
    if it's 'order only' then it's a std one,
    if it's 'return only' then it's only return lines.
    let me...
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    Re: Oracle Interview Questions Free E-Book

    this is manoj marada working in hvo technologies as a associate functional consultant,
    i need an immediate help regarding upgradation project,,
    i am an associate functional consultant ,,
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