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  1. How to add Objects dynamically to OR at runtime??

    How to add the objects into OR dynamically at runtime??
    First there will be no Objects in the OR. At run time objects get dynamically added to the OR and again after the script running is completed...
  2. Re: What should i do to rectify ERROR ON PAGE problem

    This is not any problem with the script. It is just a problem with the data that is entered or may be the application itself.
  3. Re: How QTP is used for Regression Testing(process)

    As myth.ks rightly said..... Automation is done maily for regression testing.
    And QTP being a functional automation tool is used for Regression Testing purpose only. Thus we can have reuable scripts...
  4. Re: Can I connect to QTP machine without QC server intervention

    To solve the queries on by one -
    1. You can efetively connect to QTP without the QC intervention. Even if you get connected to QC automatically, you can just disconnect it. But in that case you...
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    Re: Customization in QC

    1. As for protecting the scripts in QC, its always better to have different access control for different projects in QC. This will restrict the use of the scripts to a particular project only. And...
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    How to record Macro media Flash??

    Is there any Add-in for Macro media flash player available.....?
    The QTP does'nt run Macro media flash player object which it records...
    Is there any solution to this problem?
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    Re: Do all testing projects need tester

    Yes, defenitely all testing projects require it be manual or Automated; be it be White box or Black box. But along with testers Testing projects also needs SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)...
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    Re: Types of test engineers

    Automatiion Testers include both functional and performance ones. So we can clasify it as ...
    Functional Automation Tester, &
    Performance Tester.
    However, Load & Stress Testing is part of...
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    Re: Which type of testing is first carried out

    Absolutely correct.....

    But this is only for a Functional Testing Purpose. If the application is given for Performance testing then....
    First a Smoke Test is needed, then a proper Load Test or a...
  10. Re: I want to use the same variable in another scripted component

    If you are mapping the components one by one in Test Plan of QC, and want to use any of the parameters of one component in the next ones....Then just make that particular component as an output...
  11. Re: What is iteration?How it is related to test results in QTP?

    Iteration is nothing but the no. of times you would like your script to run for different set of values. When you run the script with multiple iterations you will get results as per the iterations....
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    Re: testing Framework

    Framework will more specifically have a set of common functions or reusable scripts (actions or components). The naming convention should also be a standard one. Folder structure should be fixed.
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    Re: April 07 : Member of the Month

    Thank you Admin for considering me as the Member of the Month.
    I am more delighted becoz being a new member of this site I have learnt a lot from the tremendous knowledge that floated around every...
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    Re: one year + exp shortlisted for infosys

    Thats true Brijesh
    Even I didnot get answers to few of my questions. I had so far faced just one interview.... But it was fine....
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    Re: Software Testing 1 year exp

    My suggestion will be just groom your testing skills.... Its true tat companies dont consider 1 yr as exp unless its 2-3.... But you will be considered as fresher, i.e. your salary will be that of a...
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    Re: challenging situation during testing?

    I had a real chalenging situation when the application functionality was changing and the scripts had to me modified 2-3 times a day.
    Another instance was that ..... we were given the cloned...
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    Company accepting 1.5yrs Experience

    Hi All
    Can anybody tell me about some good companies which hire Test Engineers with 1.5 yrs of experience - QTP, QC or Load Runner, PC - but not as freshers.
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    Re: one year + exp shortlisted for infosys

    Hi Brijesh....
    Can you tell about some companies who take 1 and half yr as experience as I know that companies like Infy, TCS doesnt count less tahn 2 yrs exp.
    This will be of real help. I have 1.5...
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    Re: Recruitment in Infosys

    For preperation for the apptitude Questions you can go through some of Shakuntala Devi's Books. It help a lot.
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    Re: Quality Center Tips

    Hi Vannu
    Thats right.... But dont you think that initializing the Business Components takes a lot of time. Whereas calling the Reusable Actions in a driver script is comparitively much faster....
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    Re: Inter-Related Parameters

    the simplest way to solve the problem is to create three different parameter list for the three Values you want to paramatize (City, State, and Zip ). While doing so only thing that you have to...
  22. Re: testing 1000 virtual users on a single machine

    If you are talking about the Load Generators it is actually advisable to use more systems from different physical locations.You can decide on the number and position of the Load generators by...
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    Re: What you say?

    Hi Brijesh
    I dont think so. Usually the hiring company gives the Offer letter after a few days even for experienced prefessional. Even if not after fews days atleast not on the same day. But this...
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    Re: Anybody have knowledge about MQC

    Hi mqc is minimum quality control software. This software provides the source code only, which is written in fortran 90 under the ansi standard. The implementation under the local operating system is...
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    Re: GeekInterview Looking for Forum Moderators

    Hi Admin
    Following are my skills sets...
    Testing( manual & automation ) QTP,testdirector,Quality Center, Loadtesting, Testing Framework.I am a Test Engineer for the past 1 and half year and have...
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