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  1. Re: Any possibility to move from testing to development

    For Manoj, If you think testing is not challenging and development is challenging its wrong....challenging work is purely on your perception and how you are doing it...according to your perception...
  2. Re: Uploading Test Cases into Quality Center and Test Director

    First u install the excel add ins present in QC/TD,then you will get the option upload to TD of ur excel sheet under tools.Then click on tools..then rest is self explanatory u follow the steps u will...
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    Re: Testing the web based banking website

    Again another general Qs.
    Pls don't ask such Qs which u have got from some one in any interview...

    How to check a netbanking Apps..The answer is so vast u can not type...
    and nothing is wrong...
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    Re: Running scripts from Test Director

    I job helper...
    I found ur Qs are very basic..have u evr seen TD or QC?
    Or just trying to know all this things by just asking Qs?
    Or u just asking some Qs copied from somewhere?
    Just have a look...
  5. Re: Adobe Systems calling for tests for Quality profiles

    Yes I have cleared it some 6 months back...but the pattern is same.
    The written test is not that tough...Should be gud at anaytical and Quants...
    testing concept also u should know well.
    But the...
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    Re: User defined function in QTP library

    Yes this possible..
    You have to write the function in a note pad and save it in Test settings >resource tab as an attachment.
    Then you can call the function in ur program.
    You can write as many...
  7. Re: GeekInterview Looking for Forum Moderators

    Hi Admin,
    I am a Test Engineer working in one of the mosr respected s/w compny of India.
    My area of interest : Testing both manual and automation,SQL,Database,General talk and any...
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