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  1. Re: what is the diffrence between oracle dba and oracle devolepler?

    DBA most probably manage database transformation.

    Developer creates coding for the front end application.
  2. Unix/Linux Re: Interview questions for desktop support engineer

    I think you should use Team viewer's Remote support tool. It Has One of the best feature with easy accessibility and wide multi platform support.
    It will surely solve your problem.
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    Re: Networking Questions

    Kerberos is a distributed authentication service that allows a process running on behalf of a user to prove its identity to a verifier an application server, or just server without sending data...
  4. Information Technology Re: Difference between IT and Computer Engineering

    Yes, I too agree with charlmartin13. IT is completely inclined to software development as it includes most of in-depth programming paradigms. And Computer includes both software and hardware part and...
  5. Re: How to get familiarity with Rational Robot in short Span

    It is a big software but not so complicated after your get familiar with it. I suggest you to get hold of some good trainer because everything can't be learned theoretically and you must be from IT...
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    Windows Re: How to enable/disable USB ports

    You can disable usb port from group policy settings for a particular user or
    either try to disable it from Bios setup settings.
  7. Re: Which Certification is Benifical for Me.

    search for dot net certification on Microsoft or SQL server certification
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    Re: CCNP or RHCE

    CCNA is about managing cisco routers and no matter whichever domain you are from.
  9. Re: Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

    yes, you can prepare a good resume for your career. look for career change resumes on google and you will find a detail advice on how to prepare a resume for specific career and career change. also...
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    Re: What to keep in resume?

    I must say that you should look for more strong referrals and build good contacts. Talk with professional people and build a good network. try searching for local companies to start your career with....
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