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    Re: Dos Commands using Winrunner

    You can execute dos commands by using two commands

    dos_systesm()----> Control will not be brought back to Winrunner.Need to close cmd prompt manually.

    system()----> Control will be brought back...
  2. Re: How to insert value from field to database in TSL?

    Use db_execute query command to insert the value into table.
  3. Thread: WinRunner

    by dhanaprabhu

    Re: WinRunner

    Can any give me the example for get_pixel_color. Please help me get it.
  4. Answers

    Re: input to TSL script in WINRUNNER

    Use user defined functions. For example, assume that you want to give username and password as input values. U can use the following steps.

    1) Function call:userInputExample("aaaaaa","12345");
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    Re: Report user msg in test result

    Use report_mesg("Ur message"&variable_name) or tl_step functions. It will be displayed in final result.
  6. Re: Winrunner 7.5 - undefined function called

    Please check the mode before running the script. Context sensitive mode functions will not be supported in Analog Mode. :)
  7. Re: can we delay the timing in winrunner while verifying an record

    Use websync() command or check points instead of using wait() command. Because wait() command is not reliable. For example if you are using wait(500) means it will wait for 500 secs no matter the...
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