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  1. Re: Differences Between Method and Function

    Function and Method both are same. But if it is declared outside of class it is function and if it is declared within class that is method.
    In case of C++ it will support both functions and...
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    Re: Interface as protected / private

    Interface defaulty it is public.
    The sun specification for interfaces is it must be accessible from any class and from any package.
    If we are declaring that as protected or private we are...
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    Re: Object for static class

    Yes we can create object for static classes. But not necessary.

    class Sample
    public static void main(String args[])
    Math m=new Math();
    System.out.println(m.sqrt(120));//with help of...
  4. Re: Class modifiers and member modifiers

    In classes there are two types one is top level and inner level.
    For the top level class only five modifiers are allowed i.e. public, default, final, abstract, strictfp. Other than this modifiers...
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    Re: method overloaing?

    The simple example is to find of absolute value of integer we will use abs() and to find absolute value of float we will use fabs() and to find long absolute value we will use labs.
    That means...
  6. Thread: Java

    by mkranthikumar.mca

    Re: Java

    The main objective of OOP is to provide security. But through the multiple inheritance one class data will be available to the other classes that means we r not providing security for the classes.
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