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  1. Re: How you will do database exploratory testing?

    You can do the exploratory test in database by checking whether the data sit properly from the front end. If it involves and any data transmission you can test whether the migration is done properly.
  2. Re: Is integration testing is related to developer or tester

    Integration testing is performed by testers` and unit testing is done be developers.
  3. SQL Server - Re: How to avoid time consumption in case of cursor

    To avoid you can try using temp tables. Please let me know if i am wrong
  4. Answers

    SQL Server - Re: How to view the structure of the table

    sp_help <table name> will help you to get the table structure
  5. Thread: CSTP exam

    by Nimishre

    CSTP exam

    Can you please let me know the process involved in taking CSTP exam.
  6. Answers

    Re: March 07 : Member of the Month

    Congratulations to the winners
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