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    Re: Cannot Identify Object of Class Static

    You can get the values from the screen thru GetRoProperties and you can pass the values to excel ..
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    Re: recording mode

    Simple logic buddy ..See when u r automating an application why are you recording them ,ofcourse u can also do it descriptively but still we cant add objects to the repository for Checkpoints like we...
  3. Re: How do we check for a particular font color

    Can u please let us know in detail about this..It will be helpful n will be appreciated
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    Re: Does QTP accept pause/break action

    U can just put Break points in between where ever u need a halt to check back the script again..
  5. Re: Do i have to study finance and sales to work on SAP

    HI if u can put up some exp..then u wont be counted such ofcourse many in this industry dont hve real exp but can survive..not an issue so go ahead n try ur luck..u wil defnitely succeed..
    U can go...
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    Re: I have given 5 test cases in excel sheet

    Hi buddy,
    Actually if u have Test director's Microsoft Excel Add-in..U can export the Excel to Test Director..
    Well if u wanna write means go to -->Test Plan and there u can start writing ur cases...
  7. Re: Suggest any other better university for doing MS

    I forgot to mention ICFAI..I think its also one of the best
  8. Re: Suggest any other better university for doing MS

    Hi Lakshmi,
    I think u can also look in to Symbiosis if they are offering the same course
    Also i think BITS is the best place but not on he management side of it ..
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    Re: Winrunner

    SO divya ..Whc background r u from?
    Irrespective of their background any1 can do create wonders in S?W industry
    So no second thoughts for u..just go ahead..
    U can do anything...Just build up your...
  10. Re: Should I get any Add-On to use .Net Framework

    I hope no Add-in's are required for that..anyway just wait until others reply to this post & confirm it punitha..
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    Re: Conventions on writing codes for QTP

    Ofcourse descriptive is rather useful & more covinient than anything else coz u wont have any repository for this and u need not add any objects incase if QTP doesnt identify the objects..
  12. Re: Help Choose between Satyam Computers and Cognizant Technologies

    I suppose you go with CTS ...It has been growing very very fastly...
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    Re: Capture the objects in a word document

    Also many times qtp wont recognise the same script u have recorded also ..
    So its always better we do it descriptively
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    Re: Capture the objects in a word document

    See if you are using the same code again in another ,this is not going to work coz the Coordinates are not the same again for the statements ".Click .."
    So i have a script to retrienve data from...
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    Re: reg vbcommands qtp

    Only thing is you better be aware of VB scripting for writing scripts descriptively
    No commands will be there..
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    Re: Descriptive Programming

    Hey guys first of all be aware of onething, For Descriptive programming Object repository is not required ..There is nothing to do with Object Repository if we are doing scripting descriptively.....
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    Re: Launch notepad file by using QTP

    Same way for notepad as it was for Excel

    Dim excelobj, count

    count1 = 2

    Set excelobj = createobject("Excel.Application")
  18. Re: How can I differentiate between different objects

    Differentiate them by checking thir proerties by object identification or in Repository
  19. Re: How can i captured excell file rows and cells data through winrunner?

    I can give u the code for this implemented in QTP if u need
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    Re: QTP results in Quality Center

    After ur connected & after Saving the script in Quality center, When u r trying to Run from Quality center
    You wil be asked for the location to Save the results as listed below and hence they will...
  21. Re: Is Test Case & Test Script same OR different

    Test cases are written for a specific functionality (For example to Test Login for a user)
    Test cases come under test scenarios where many test cases are put together to test a functionality( To...
  22. Re: First digit of date is getting truncated

    Navigate this way ,
    Got to your Script folder --> Default excel sheet --> Format the date cell box as u want ( U cant do that in the global sheet) and Save it so that it wont get truncated when u r...
  23. Re: when i am getting an application ,and i am said to proceed with qtp,what r the st
  24. Answers

    Re: Cannot identify the object

    Just add .* after the index property in Object Repisotory so that it can identify the object regardless what ever the value of index may be at runtime

    Not only for this purpose, if any values are...
  25. Re: when i am getting an application ,and i am said to proceed with qtp,what r the st

    mail me i can help u out coz i have been in to web based testing
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