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  1. Oracle Re: How can I export / import the tables from one database to another

    create database link linkname connect to 'username' identified by 'password' using 'hostname';
    using this u can connect to a db and use the tables
  2. Oracle Re: Features and difference between Oracle products

    There r so many advanced topics in 9i over 8i. They r nvl2(),nullif(),cube(),
    rollup(),grouping(),dense_Rank(),rank(),tan2(),Outerjoins like this many .This is important question for any interview.U...
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    Oracle Re: Inserting column in existing table

    The replies u got r correct. u can't change the physical position of a column.
  4. Oracle Re: Minimum requirement for creating matrix report

    There is no min requirement like that.If u want the output as a matrix then by using decode inside an inline view u can get the result
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    Oracle Re: composite data type

    collections are called as composite datatypes like varray,record,nested tables.
    examples u can write on ur own by using all the above.
    syntax :
    type typename is record(.....)
    type typename is...
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    Oracle Re: Oracle Cursors

    If u want to do manipulations to more than one row its compulsory to use cursors. without cursors we can't perform manipulations for more than one row.If u don't want to use a cursor then u have to...
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    Oracle Re: PL/SQL Question

    U can use cursors more effectively for this purpose.U can use %notfound attribute of cursor to break the loop like
    exit when cursorname%notfound
    end loop;
  8. Oracle Re: How to find out which instance is running

    services of sql server are called as instances.all the services posted to the server cannot be known only information regarding to the particular owner of database will be shown I think so.If this is...
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