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  1. Re: Can some one answer for these general questions?

    You're welcome, Sutnarcha! BTW - it's called constructive criticism! LOL!
    However, I'm not convinced about keeping up the spirit.
    Have a nice day all.
  2. Re: Can some one answer for these general questions?

    Your 13 questions are actually pretty common in the fact, if you do a search on any search engine you will find 'general answers' to how to tackle them. However, I would caution you...
  3. Re: Interview questions for Internet content manager job

    Here are a couple more...

    What is your experience in managing internet content?
    What were challenges and how did you overcome them?
  4. Answers

    Re: Interview : Tell me about your self

    "I have a problem answering the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF question. I want to answer this question professionally and without selling myself short. Can some one help?"

    This question is one of the top...
  5. Thread: managing time

    by odn64

    Re: managing time

    "Hello everyone, i'm new here... Can i just ask? i just need some idea as my brain cells is not properly working now. "how do you manage your time to meet deadline? have you had more to do than you...
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