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Thread: Information about BO Versions

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    Information about BO Versions

    Hi guru's,

    can anyone giveme infornation on BO Versions.

    when 6.5 / XI / XI R2 versions released?

    what are drawbacks and know issues in Business Objects 6.5/ XI / XI R2.
    and how they are resolved in XI R2 version.

    what is the scheduling & Publishing differences in 6.5 XI R2 Versions?


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    Re: Information about BO Versions

    here's a complete timeline for Business Objects releases

    * 1990: BusinessObjects launches Skipper SQL 2.0.x.
    * 1994: Launches BusinessObjects v3.0 and goes public on the NASDAQ in September — the first French company listed in the United States.[5]
    * 1996: Enters the OLAP market and launches BusinessObjects v4.0. Bernard Liautaud named one of Business Week's "Hottest Entrepreneurs of the Year."
    * 1997: Introduces WebI thin client, which enables shared information across an extranet.
    * 1999: General Electric (GE) begins working with the company.[citation needed] Business Objects goes public in France on the Premier Marché. Acquires Next Action Technologies.
    * 2000: Acquires OLAP@Work for approximately $15 million and announces MDX Connect from this acquisition.
    * 2001: SAP signs an OEM and reseller agreement to bundle Crystal Reports. Acquires Blue Edge Software.
    * 2001: Signs up its single largest global software licensing transaction with Three formerly known as Hutchison 3G.
    * 2002: Acquires Acta Technologies. Bernard Liautaud named to Business Week's "Stars of Europe," and the company is named one of the "100 Fastest Growing Tech Companies" by Business 2.0. Informatica files a lawsuit against Acta, claiming patent rights infringement.
    * 2003: Acquires Crystal Decisions for $820 million. Business Objects releases Dashboard Manager, BusinessObjects Enterprise 6, and BusinessObjects Performance Manager.
    * 2004: Debuts new combined company with the slogan, "Our Future is Clear, Crystal Clear." Launches Crystal v10 and BusinessObjects v6.5.
    * 2005: Launches BusinessObjects XI. Acquires SRC Software, Infommersion, and Medience. Launches BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2.
    * 2006: Business Objects acquires Firstlogic, Inc and Nsite Software, Inc.
    * 2006: Acquires ALG Software (formerly Armstrong Laing Group). Launches Crystal Xcelsius, which allows users to transform Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into interactive Flash media files.
    * 2007: Continuing its string of acquisitions, Business Objects acquires Cartesis and Inxight.
    * 2007: In October, SAP AG's Chief Executive Henning Kagermann announced a $6.8 billion deal to acquire Business Objects.
    * 2008: In January, SAP absorbs all of Business Objects' offices, and renames the entity "Business Objects, an SAP company". Following the acquisition of Business Objects by SAP, the founder and CEO of Business Objects, Bernard Liautaud, announces his resignation.
    * 2009: Business Objects becomes a division of SAP instead of a separate company. The portfolio brand "SAP BusinessObjects" was created. All former BO employees now officially work for SAP.

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