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Thread: System testing and ene to end testing

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    System testing and ene to end testing

    hello everybody,
    what is the diff b/w system testing and end to end confused with these please clarify me
    and how to explain functional testing as interview point of view

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    Re: System testing and ene to end testing


    It is pretty much true that in most of the companies, System Testing and End-to-End testing are used Synonymously. They almost mean the same.

    But the point of differentiation can be -

    End to End testing involves validating the process / data flow from the Start point of the Application to the End point of the Application. We could consider Databases as well intermediate Servers involved in the Application.

    System testing differs in a manner that it involves testing the System as against the specified Requirements. But scope would be limited to only the system in question alone.


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