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Thread: Run in DOS prompt

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    Run in DOS prompt

    How i can compile and run my C programs in DOS prompt with out using BC or TC or other editors

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    Re: Run in DOS prompt

    Call u r .exe from dos prompt..u can also pass parameters (command line parameters)
    Eg:c:\tc\sum.exe 1 2

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    Re: Run in DOS prompt

    (i) Write the C program (call it ``myfile.c'') in a text editor or word processor (for example, the simple ``Hello'' program below),
    (ii) Save it as a file on your computer's hard disk,
    (iii) Compile it to a computer-executable program by entering a compile command at a command prompt, for example for the following C compiler programs: gcc -Wall -o myfile myfile.c
    (using the GNU C compiler, UNIX or Microsoft Windows)
    cl myfile.c
    (Microsoft Visual C++ command-line compiler)
    bcc32 myfile.c
    (Borland C/C++ compiler, Microsoft Windows)
    followed by the Enter key, and finally
    (iv) Run the program by entering

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