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Thread: load testing for web application

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    Smile load testing for web application

    Can anyone explain me how to do the load testing for web application?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: load testing for web application

    If you want to do load test for web application, you can use LoadRunner tool
    first you record the script and do Enhancement for the script.
    Enhancement means Parameterization, corelation in the script. when Enhancement over then you use LoadRunner Controller. upload the script on Controller and test the load what ever load you want.

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    Re: load testing for web application

    Hi Chin,

    Just to add to what dhilleshwar stated, Performance testing would require a certain amount of planning in following terms -

    1) Environment Setup
    2) WorkLoad Profiling
    3) Script Creation
    4) Load Scheduling
    5) Metric Collection
    6) Baseline creation
    7) Analysis

    Once you identify the website you wish to Performance test, I would suggest go ahead as per Dhilleshwar's suggestion and records scripts for required functionalities.

    Recording would vary based on the protocols required. Incase it is a Siebel based apps, you would require a Siebel / web protocol. Mostly a http/https protocol would suffice. Select the protocol and record your script.

    You would have to correlate dynamic values returned by the server. This along with parameterization would make your script robust.

    Once scripts are ready decide upon a workload profile you wish to create. This includes deciding the number of Vusers that would be deployed per functionality. This is generally called as UserLoad/ Transaction mix.

    Based on your workloading pattern, Load schedules are created in Controller. Execute the configured scenario and if required setup monitors to measure the required resources / metrics.
    Your Load scheduling pattern would help you create baslines values ofr your resources. Slowly ramp up the UserLoad and measure the average Response times.

    Once Baselines are fixed, based on differences compared to baselines, we analyze bottlenecks identified.

    These are the activities involved in Performance Testing.


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