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Thread: Active X control

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    Active X control

    In QTP , there is add-in Active-x Control and also Visual Basic....

    As per my knowledge In VB only we will use ActiveX controls, then why in QTP there is separate add-in for activex control.........

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    Re: Active X control

    Hi Ramya,

    Though ActiveX controls are popularly implemented as part of VisualBasic, they can also be coded using -

    1) MFC - Microsoft Foundation Classes.
    2) C++
    3) Borland Delphi

    Also they are deployed frequently as part of Internet Explorer objects to enable controls and script on HTML pages.

    QTP basically uses a seperate ActiveX add-in as well to enable recognition of ActiveX controls that could be part of VB apps, IE apps or any standalone application developed using MFC.


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