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Thread: QTP Testing Web Application UI

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    QTP Testing Web Application UI

    Hi all,

    I know that this question sounds vague.But when iam attending the interviews i am being asked that how did you use QTP for your application. I haven't done any projects and this is my third interview.

    For example if we have automate the website: how will we proceed?

    Do we divide the entire website into modules or is there any other way to do this?

    I can explain this more clearly if any could respond to my question.


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    Re: QTP Testing Web Application UI

    Hi Gita,

    The answer to this question basically is to explain the Automation approach you would be using to automate any application.

    The steps involved in this - 1) Design a Strategy document detailing your approach to automating the application. This would cover the functionalities identified, functionalities out of scope, Tool Feasibility, Framework identified, Deliverables maintenance and finally Risks and Assumptions.

    2) Complete a POC (Proof of Concept) to check our comfort with the tool and ability to automate the AUT. This would involve selecting 2-3 functionalites which would be complex to medium in terms of difficulty.

    3) Once POC is complete and reviewed by end-client, we go about preparing an estimation plan on the lines of POC. This would gives us an idea to complete automating the AUT.

    4) Once estimation is complete actual automation starts.

    Basically while designing the Strategy document, we look at the following aspects -

    What are the reusbale functionalities and how are we going to approach automating. As stated correctly by you, we look at breaking the application into smaller modules and then automating the same. The document would also depict the kind of Data Setup we are going to use, where and how the Object Repository would be and other details of automation.


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