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Thread: Low-level request tools

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    Low-level request tools

    Hi Guys

    Kindly help me know about low-level request tools, what are these, how and where do they come into picture.

    Good Day

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    Re: Low-level request tools

    Hi Shivanna,

    Its been long time where had you gone all these days
    Anyways Welcome back,
    As for your low-level request tools...

    Low-level tools can send raw http request to any online computer / address
    and displays back raw http response.
    Unlike web browser (which also sends requests), low-level tools operate at a much lower level.
    Telnet is a classic example for low-level tool.

    Hope these help
    Lokesh M.

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    Re: Low-level request tools

    Hi Lokesh

    Thanks, am Fine, was busy with work...
    Thanks again for your answer...

    Good Day

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    Re: Low-level request tools

    Hi Folks,
    Nice and great useful discussion going around. I could learn about Low-level request tools . Thanks for such discussions.

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