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Thread: creating test cases for FICO procedure

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    creating test cases for FICO procedure


    i have a problem i need to create test cases for my CO module in SAP, i have created cost centers, groups of cost centers, cost elements, etc, now i need to write up the test cases, maybe someone has a template that i can use?
    the one i created the manager said is not gonna work as it is not detailed enough.....
    Will greatly appreciate your help

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    Re: creating test cases for FICO procedure

    Please visit the site below..u will get some information

    Thansk and regards

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    Re: creating test cases for FICO procedure

    hey quality_quantity,

    I visited the link.
    This is just a link to do marketing of the book, not complete book tutorial.

    Plz don't post such type of links.

    Link can be free newsletter for free download, or may a good blog article but not like this one.

    Brijesh Jain
    Connect with me on Skype: jainbrijesh
    Google Plus : jainbrijeshji

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