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Thread: Credit Card Application

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    Credit Card Application

    Please tell me its urgent is any one worked on credit card application testion what is the process involved?

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    Re: Credit Card Application

    testing of credit card application may be a database testing ,where card details,exp data,type of card,credit limit,credit tx limit are check against the requirements.

    it may be a oracle or mainframe testing,
    mainly it will of system testing!!!

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    Re: Credit Card Application

    To test your application, direct all transactions to Transactions directed to this URL are processed through PayPal's simulated payment network, enabling you to test the configuration and operation of your application or storefront -- no money changes hands. (You must activate your account and configure your application for live transactions before accepting real orders.)

    After setting up the proper certificate paths and this URL, I went about testing. Immediately, my Payflow Pro requests were timing out and returning this error:

    -12 - Timeout waiting for response

    The curious thing was that the tag seemed to be completely ignoring the timeout attribute of the CFX tag. We have our requests set to timeout after 45 seconds. The current requests, however, were timing out in 3, maybe 4 seconds. Clearly something was wrong.

    No matter what I did, I couldn't fix this. After doing a good deal of Googling, I finally came across a Payflow Pro post by Dan Vega. Although the post was over a year old, I got in contact with him (when it comes to Payflow Pro, Dan is kind of a big deal). Dan suggested that the test URL was wrong. Instead of using:

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