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Thread: Can i do testing in QTP

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    Can i do testing in QTP


    I m a basically a B.E in E.C and not very sound in programming languages.i dont have any knowlede of VB script is it possible to automate things in QTP without knnowlege of programming language?

    I have been given work to automate so many things in very short time thr any shortway to learn real time QTP ?

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    Re: Can i do testing in QTP

    Is there any short way to complete B.E?

    If you are dedicatedly working on QTP its a matter of a month to get expertise..You can keep on Posting your queries on forums, definitely you will be able to accomplish the Job...If you have access to QTP tool then its Manual is very User Friendly you can learn from there...

    "Short-Cuts Leads to Short Growth" especially in case of career.

    No personal offences


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    Re: Can i do testing in QTP

    If you have confidence...commitment and dedication in you..u can do it...boss.. all the best

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