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Thread: Difference between system and functional testing

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    Difference between system and functional testing

    What is difference between functional and system testing!!! is functional and system testing a black box or white box testing!!! is system and functional testing divided into various sub testing techniques!!! thanks and regards trainee_tester

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    Re: Difference between system and functional testing


    Both the System and Functionality testing uses Black Box Testing Techniques. In the functionality testing the entire application is tested for its functionality. Here the testing is carried out against the Requirement documents and the business flows. The testing is carried out to validate whether all the functionalities mentioned in the business process are working fine.

    System testing is to validate whether the system as a whole is working as per the requirements. System testing may also be mentioned as the subset of functionality testing. Since in the functionality testing we will be carrying out system testing, end-end testing, regression testing etc.,


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    Re: Difference between system and functional testing

    Feature Classification
    Here we are suppose to test the function of the application against the SRS.

    Coverage Classification
    There are various modules in the application, when individual modules are tested(passed)..we go for integration testing.....After Integration is successful we go for a System Testing where we are testing all the deliverables..including the documents, design plan, requirement docs, Test Data and even the third Party components that are integrated with the application.


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    Re: Difference between system and functional testing

    Functional Testing: To test the behavior of each and every component of an application under both normal and abormal conditions is called functional testing.

    System Testing : To test whether the setup is installed on the s/w with all the modules and features specified.To check whether the application is deleted from the s/m after installations without leaving any traces.

    Both System testing and functional testing are black box testing techniques.

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