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Thread: order of testing technology

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    order of testing technology

    i have two questions!!!

    first one
    1) as a begineer what should one start with in tesing!!!

    i request moderator or expert members to answer this question which ll be useful to all new to testing!!!

    2) is there any levels in testing types

    unit,integration,system,functionality,acceptance are first level testing some thing like tht

    and stress ,sanity,smoke,regression,load comes under system testing

    is this right???

    if so can someone list the levels of various testing technologies!!!!

    thanks & regards

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    Re: order of testing technology

    Levels of Testing includes
    1.Unit Testing
    2.Integration Testing
    3.Functional and System testing
    4.Acceptence Testing

    Performance testing includes in System testing after completing fuctional

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    Re: order of testing technology

    Hi Trainee_Tester,

    Please dont specify that your questions have to be answered by moderators and expert members.Even a person of 5 to 6 Years of Experience would have joined this forum recently.

    And Answer to your question

    "first one
    1) as a begineer what should one start with in tesing!!!"

    if you are a begginer in testing itself and you joined any company recently.. you will get training from the company itself....
    Or if your question meant that how we have to start testing....there are different ways in testing an application.As Anil Kumar suggested those are the different types of testing.

    Unit testing,Integration testing are done at the Developement side.....means they are the initial testing techniques done by developers

    Sanity testing,Smoke Testing,regression testing are done from the testers ,these are called black box techniques.
    System testing is also one black box testing technique ,but for end to end testing ,system testing is used..

    To know about performance issues, we will go for Performance testing.. for example: if a website is slow.. why is that slow..? so they apply different metrics....

    hope you understood....


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    Re: order of testing technology

    First of all ...let you aware of Software Development life cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle....all the best

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    Re: order of testing technology

    I agree,

    as u learn more and more of SDLC and STLC... you will know where to start and where to end and what test is which level.

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