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Thread: difference between load testing and stress testing

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    difference between load testing and stress testing

    plz let me help for what the difference between load testing and stress testing.

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    Re: difference between load testing and stress testing


    Load Testing is the process of subjecting the system to load while measuring something such as performance or reliability. The Load Testing is pretty vague and most often it is used to mean measuring the performance of a system while subjecting it to an increasing load (to the expected maximum the system should handle).

    In other words, the Load testing is done by loading the system with 'n' number of users, which is usually done by using automated tools by introducing virtual users and validating the load of the system. Here the testing is done by introducing load at the same time, applying load in regular intervals and applying load randomnly.

    Stress Testing is where a system is tested to a breaking point to ensure that it fails in a graceful way; also known as graceful degredation. The system is stressed by subjecting it to conditions outside of its specified limits whilst denying of the resources required to process that load. For example, the system could have memory or disk space removed. The purpose of the test is to find bugs in the way the system degrades, for example does it place an order without taking payment.

    Though stress testing is often associated with load testing, they are not directly related. Example: Operating a computer at -20 degrees, well outside of its specified operational temperature range, is a stress test with no bearing on load.

    In other words, Testing conducted to evaluate a system or component at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements.


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    Re: difference between load testing and stress testing

    Stress Testing : To test how the application is responding while we enter maximum length of strings into the application.

    Load Testing : To test the application respond(response time) by increasing the number of users.

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    Re: difference between load testing and stress testing

    Load Testing: Testing a system for its promised load, ex. 100 users is the limit and testing the system by applying 100 user is called as Load Testing.

    Stress Testing: Testing the system beyond the promised load ie.beyond 100 users and towards the system crash is called as Stress testing.

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    Re: difference between load testing and stress testing

    Hi sridharrganesan
    Do u mean load testing is related to system functionality and stress testing is related to component on which system is Installed ?

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    Re: difference between load testing and stress testing

    hi friend,


    This test is conducted to know at which point the application degrades or fails.


    I have a textbox it can only adopt 50 characters, but you are passing more than 50 values and checking what will be the response from the applciation.


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