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Thread: Manual testing process

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    Manual testing process

    Wht is the actual manual testing process in any company??

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    Re: Manual testing process

    Hi Nisha,

    A manual testing process in any company would be as per the Software testing Life Cycle and aligned with SDLC process.

    Testing would actually being with Requirement Gathering phase completion. Based on BRS we would come up with Acceptance Testing testcases. Similarly based on High Level Design, Integration testcases would be developed.

    In short a pictorial representation would be as follows -

    Requirments freeze - Test Strategy Creation - Test Plan creation - Testcase creation - Review - Testcase execution - Defect Logging - regression suite creation.


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    Re: Manual testing process

    Manual testing process varies from company to company.

    Testing starts as soon as we get the requirement document. Most of the companies follow 'V' model,in this both validation and verification goes side by side.with the help of requirement document try to break it in different scenario and write down the test cases one's we get the built ,execute the test cases and reporting the bug.

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    Re: Manual testing process

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    Re: Manual testing process

    Quote Originally Posted by nishak97 View Post
    Wht is the actual manual testing process in any company??
    hi Nisha Manual testing in the company includes
    1. Testing the requirement workflows
    2. Testing UI, UI validations
    3. navigation links bitween pages
    4. sanity tests and smoke tests

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