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Thread: Limitations in QTP?

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    Limitations in QTP?

    Limitations in QTP?

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    Re: Limitations in QTP?

    The limitations listed below are specifically for QTP 8.2:

    Maximum worksheet size—65,536 rows by 256 columns
    Column width—0 to 255 characters
    Text length—16,383 characters
    Formula length—1024 characters
    Number precision—15 digits
    Largest positive number—9.99999999999999E307
    Largest negative number— -9.99999999999999E307
    Smallest positive number—1E-307
    Smallest negative number— -1E-307
    Maximum number of names per workbook—Limited by available memory
    Maximum length of name—255
    Maximum length of format string—255
    Maximum number of tables (workbooks)—Limited by system resources (windows and memory)

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