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Thread: cosmetic bug,with example

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    cosmetic bug,with example

    cosmetic bug with example

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    Re: cosmetic bug,with example

    Cosmetic bugs are things like spelling errors

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    Re: cosmetic bug,with example


    Cosmetic bugs are the simplest and those that affect the System least in terms of functionality.

    Examples - Spelling Mistakes, UI Anamolies like Font related variance, Background color of specific fields etc.


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    Re: cosmetic bug,with example

    Cosmetic defects are the bug which does not affect further processing of the application and testing. The priority of the cosmetic defects are categorized as "low", while assigning priority.

    In general cosmetic errors are the spelling mistakes, tab sequence etc.,


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    Re: cosmetic bug,with example

    low level bug is also called as cosmetic bug. i.e if there
    is change in the spelling or colour mistake then we call it
    as low level bug. it will be having low seviority(s1). and
    priority is p5(i.e before delivery we can fix the error)

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