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    why an implementation fails in R/3,pls add ur comments.

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    Re: implementation failure

    Quote Originally Posted by RAVIBABUB1 View Post
    why an implementation fails in R/3,pls add ur comments.
    implementation through user exits/ customer exits will fail in version upgradation, where as badi's will not fail in version upgradation.

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    Re: implementation failure


    Many practicle Reasons are there by which SAP R/3 Project Implementation is fail at many client places.
    Please check following reasons list, i hope it will help to get you answer -

    1] Very Poor Project Management team at SAP Implementation partner side.
    2] Total project implementation work is done without reference to ASAP project
    implementation methodology, given by SAP.
    Loop holes in setting project goals, less skillful team finalization, poor project plan,
    poor or less project documentation at each project phase, Poor quality check at each
    project phase.
    3] time to time Guideline is to be taken from industry specific SAP Experts.
    4] Poor clients existing business study with legacy systems used at client side.
    5] Project Manager by implementation side should have very good SAP R/3 implementation
    experience. like he should be through with his core module and should be able to
    support other two modules at least.
    6] Missing decisions in Project Authorization hierarchy, decision making authorities.
    Team finalization and Reporting in the project implementation battle field.
    7] Missing Client side project team finalization, Business Process owners, Core users.
    8] Standard Business process best practices available or given by sap should be
    studied well. and implementation with reference to that.
    9] Implementation partner should be able to convince to client that, SAP is not only
    ERP its a ultimate business solution. Instead of saying - Nothing is their
    which i cannot configure or process in SAP, practicle results are shown to client
    with acceptance from the business process owners.
    10] SAP Illogical project authorities [Who have less SAP actual experience] must be
    removed from that point. because they always try to show their Legacy
    experience without comparing them with SAP Skills.
    For example, We need Project Manager for Construction Project Implementation,
    and we heir one person that have very good construction experience, but SAP
    experience 0, believe me it will cause new drama at each project phase.
    11] Many clients always try to remind the SAP team that, their legacy is much better
    than SAP, i suggest to them that they must go with their legacy, as they don't want
    ultimate solutions through the legend SAP R/3.
    12] 2-3 clients i saw, project was implemented very good, they run their business with
    SAP for 1-2 years. But they stopped using that because of the Cost of Maintaining the

    HU .......
    these are some reasons which cause project failures according to my experiance.

    Cheers !

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