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Thread: Selenium Error

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    Selenium Error

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying my hands on Selenium + Junit. When I Run the Scripts in the Junit it works fine. But when I run the Script recorded through the "Selenium" it provides me the following error:

    Allocated session 267671 for http:// localhost : 4444ttp : //local

    The basic diffenrece between the sciript is, the Automated script extends the class "SeleneseTestCase" which I think cotains the Global Setup nad Tear Down Metod. And Setup method uses Localhost:4444 as base url. And so not allowing me to change the Url I want

    While the Mannual script extends the TestCase. Where I have to write the setUp and TearDown Methods manually.

    Can Anybody tell me how to solve the problem

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    Re: Selenium Error

    hey did u get the answer for this or resolved this ?

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    Re: Selenium Error


    My web application is built in Silverlight technology and hence the URL is static. It never changes right from user login till logout. I am not able to use Selenium for this requirement. Can someone provide a solution to use Selenium for static url application

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