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    Red face Manual Testing

    What is statement coverage?
    Please answer this question.................

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    Re: Manual Testing

    Hi prasath,

    Statement coverage is one of the Technique used in White Box Testing. Here the testing is done against the code. Statement coverage will check whether all the statements in the code block are executed atleast once. By using statement coverage it is validated that all the lines of code are executed and by that unwanted lines of code are removed.


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    Re: Manual Testing

    Statement coverage is a code coverage metric that tells you whether the flow of control reached every executable statement of source code at least once.

    Attaining coverage on every source statement seems like a good objective. But statement coverage does not adequately take into account the fact that many statements (and many bugs) involve branching and decision-making. Statement coverage's insensitivity to control structures tends to contradict the assumption of code coverage testing itself: thorough testing requires exercising many combinations of branches and conditions.

    In particular, statement coverage does not call for testing the following:

    Simple if statements
    Logical operators (&&, ||, and ?
    Consecutive switch labels
    Loop termination decisions
    Do-while loops
    Statement coverage has three characteristics that make it seem like a good coverage metric. Upon close inspection, they all become questionable. Statement coverage is:

    Simple and fundamental
    Measurable by object code instrumentation
    Sensitive to the size of the code
    Experts agree. A number of software testing books and papers give descriptions of statement coverage that range from "the weakest measure" to "not nearly enough".

    Line coverage, basic block, and segment coverage are variations of statement coverage. They all have similar characteristics and this document applies equally to all of them, except where noted.

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    Re: Manual Testing

    Simple formula for statement coverage is

    Statement Coverage =

    Executable Statements Tested

    Total No. of executable Statements

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    Re: Manual Testing

    Statement Coverage : The percentage of executed statements in a component that have been exercised by a test case suite.

    The simple formula is

    statement coverage = Executable Statements

    Total No. of
    executable Statements

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