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Thread: Informatica Certification

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    Informatica Certification

    Are there any certifications in informatica if so plz could anybody specify the details

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    Re: Informatica Certification

    see this web site you will get details
    http: // www . informatica . com/services/education_services/certification/


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    Re: Informatica Certification

    could anyone please tell me ,how to link informatica with DATABASE(ORACLE OR SQL SERVER)in my computer, i am unable to link these 2.because iam new to informatica (iam practising in my home)and please guide me including the path.
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Informatica Certification

    I am fairly new to this as well, but this is how I did it.

    1. Set Up ODBC:

    Go to Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Data Sources(ODBC)
    Go to SystemDSN tab and Click Add.Choose ur data source. for oracle it is DataDirectClosedODBC 5.1 OracleWireProtocol.
    Enter your database connection details .[ u can get these by doing a 'tnsping dBstring' without quotes in ur cmd prompt, where dBstring is the SID of ur dB.

    2. In Informatica, when you go to target/source designer, choose import from database and you will see the odbc connection you just created and will ask for your user id and password to connect to the database.

    Hope this helps and feel free to post if you have any questions.

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