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Thread: How to test Website.

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    Question How to test Website.

    Hi , i am new in testing . Can any one tell me about how to test a website. Also
    how i can start to test a website.

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    Re: How to test Website.


    Following are the validations done while testing a website.

    - User Interface or Usability Testing
    - Functionality
    - Interface testing
    - Compatibility Testing
    - Load / Stress Testing or Performance Testing
    - Security Testing

    User Interface testing is done to check how the users navigation happens and to check how easy the application to use. Following are done while performing User Interface testing
    - to check the site map or navigatinoal bar
    - to check the content like irrevelant or not, grammatical or spelling errors.
    - to check the color or background
    - to check the images like type of file, positioning, the size of the file etc.,
    - to check the tables
    - to check whether the wrap around happens properly.

    Functionality testing is done to check whether system behave as per the requirements. Following are the generic terms done in the Functionality testing.
    - Links like internal links, broken links, external links
    - Forms to validatethe data, functionality check, error messages happenning correctly, mandatory fields which should not be left empty, optional fields,
    - Verfication of data to check the data saved correctly in the database as pper the business rules.
    - If the system uses cookies it shoule be checked

    Interface testing to check the server interface, external interface, client interface and the error handling when interfacing

    Compatibility testing to check how the application behaves under different web browsers. Following compability are done like with operating systems, with Browsers, modem, printers etc.,

    Load testing is done to check how the system reacts with the number of users per time period and how will it be divided over the period, transfer of large amount of data from each user.

    Stress testing to check the system performance under the less memory space, to reduce the resources and to check the reaction of the system

    Security testing to validate the
    - Valid and invalid login
    - Validating the users
    - limitation of No. of attemps while logging
    - Encryption of data sent over the network
    - usage Secured link while data transfer happens


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    Re: How to test Website.

    Thank Sir,
    I want really thank to your answer.

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